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Fimiani Construction, Inc, is a commercial asphalt paving and concrete company that has been serving New Jersey since 1972. We specialize in all phases of parking lot installations and maintenance, from minor repairs to removal and replacement of entire parking lots. We also accommodate smaller jobs such as patch work, asphalt extensions, overlays, seal coating, crack filling, line striping, curbing, and sidewalks. 


Paving & Concrete Solutions

Your company’s parking lot and surrounding property is the first impression your customers and employees will have as they enter your business property. It could speak volumes to potential clients about who you are as a company in terms of safety, maintenance and customer service.

It is important to ensure your parking lot and surrounding property looks well-kept and attractive. If you are struggling to fit a parking lot installation, maintenance or repair into your budget, let us find solutions for you.

asphalt repair and construction services
resurfacing and asphalt repair

Consistent Professionals

We are dedicated to accommodating the expectations of every client. We pride ourselves in on-time and cost-efficient completion of our projects. Our skilled team will give you the best value for each dollar in labor and material. From the beginning, we have practiced a strategy of doing quality work and getting it done right the first time.

We value the reputation of dependability and excellence that we have worked hard to achieve, and we know that it is built on individual customer satisfaction.

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