Our Origins

Fimiani Construction was founded by Kevin Fimiani over 35 years ago as a commercial concrete and asphalt paving company. During our time, we have worked hard building and fostering a corporate culture, friendly customer relationships and performance consistency. Businesses large and small can feel comfortable to call us for assistance in the maintenance, repair or installation of a parking lot. Kevin gives all our potential customers a no obligation, free estimate on the work you need.

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Positive Customer Relationships

Part of what makes Fimiani Construction a premier asphalt paving company is the emphasis we put on our customer relationships. Through competitive pricing, premier products, and fully guaranteed work, we have managed to build a strong following of customers that know and trust our brand name. Our skilled team is dedicated to executing a quality job as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. We complete each job to our customer’s satisfaction, without exception.

Our goal is to provide courteous, expedient and professional services to all of our business customers. As a result, we have developed two types of services: Our general concrete and asphalt paving services and seasonal projects based on the time of year.


What We Do!

Whether you are interested in laying a new slab of concrete in your parking lot, a seal coating for your asphalt, or sealing the cracks on your business’s sidewalk, Fimiani Construction is prepared to help. In addition, we have a snowplow readily available all throughout the winter months to make sure your business is easily accessible to your customers, year round.

The Team

Fimiani Construction is a fully-insured company, so hiring our team comes at no risk to you. Furthermore, our team is up-to-date and trained on the latest trends in all asphalt and concrete paving practices. You’re property is in good hands when it’s overseen by a team of professionals from Fimiani Construction!

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